Art Director, Designer & Creative Human
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Target Grammys 2018

Concept, Art Direction
We brought together famous DJ Zedd & country singer Maren Morris to *meet in the middle* for an unexpected 3:15min music video / commercial during the GRAMMYs. Directed by superstar Dave Meyers & choreographed by legendary Hi-Hat. This has been the craziest & coolest project of my career so far... I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity. 


Ralph Told Me

Concept, Art Direction, Design
72 briefly worked on a pitch to reinvent the Polo. We took inspiration from Lo Life, Polo's roots in hip hop culture, and the millions of Ralph quotes about dreaming. Sadly, Ralph the man himself wasn't a fan... turning this could-have-been-sick work into spec work.


Smirnoff 365

Art Direction
Created a year’s worth of social content for Smirnoff with the help of Ahmed Klink & Peden and Munk.



Brand Identity
Helped JC Pagan in rebranding & establishing the brand’s visual identity. We recontextualized the circumflex above the I to stand for the brand’s new positioning of upward mobility & hustle.


A Drink for Summer

Concept, Art Direction
Smirnoff ICE’s summer campaign shows you that there’s a drink for every sort of party you’ll find yourself at this summer. Dog parties. Garden parties. You name it. 


Bobble Gives a Fuck

Concept, Art Direction
We partnered with Refinery29 to show the future-minded young woman 6 easy ways she can give a f*%k about herself and the planet.


Wobbly Dudes

A series where I make collages with irregular shapes & images from Google Earth View.